Friday, April 29, 2011

Job Hunt

The month of April 2011 is about to end and I'm still jobless!
As I graduated last April 8, 2011, I promised to myself to have a break first before being employed. But as time goes by, things are getting bored and since I'm no longer a student, I have no allowance! Sad but true! Well that is life, it's about time to help yourself out and be independent from your parents--that is to have a job! That moment, VHS Philippines Ltd , a Regional Headquarter of a Hong Kong based company engaged in architectural landscape designs, invited our batch via text message to come in their office. Answered prayer, eh? So we gave it a try. This morning, Becky and I went to their office. Good thing the building is not that hard to find but, of course, we asked Mr. Google Maps first for the directions..hehe! There, we had our exams, an actual exams.. 3D and Photoshop! Doing those is fun but working under pressure is not awesome..haha!! Whew! Though, we still passed the exam! WEEEE! So glad! And I can't still believe that we made it! God is so good! We had already our initial interviews, so tomorrow will be the FINAL INTERVIEW FROM THE HONG KONG HEAD OFFICE via video conference! Hope we could make it. GOD BLESS TO US! :)

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