Sunday, May 01, 2011


Another day of B-U-M! The life of an unemployed is not fun at all. Well, sometimes, you'll earned some benefits from it. But today was really unproductive! Net surfing, as always!

Okay, today's blog is not really about boredom, bum or what so ever. It just came to my senses about my status..yeah of being single. Relatives and friends started to annoy me about having a "boyfriend". "Do you have a boyfriend?", "Kailan ba namin mami-meet?", the worst was "Baka tomboy ka!". Even when I'm with someone, they thought that it was my boyfriend! It seems like there's always an issue about having in a relationship or having your life in solo. But for me, my answers are always consistent and simple, "Di naman ako nagmamadali" and "Dadarating din tayo dyan." I always say these words when they starting to ask those questions. Not because I'm not ready or what, but what can I do, it's not yet the time to have a partner in life. Maybe, it's in God's plan. He just making my love story awesome. If someone came and went well, well I guess God did wrote a good story for me. Or maybe that someone's already in my life but the real story between us is not yet written.

A friend asked me once "Ano ba gusto mo sa isang guy or hanap sa isang guy?" That time, I can't answer back and did asked myself about it. This bothered me for a night. But I just realized one thing, "Why do I have to set qualities when you know your heart would feel it?" Maybe some people do found someone with the qualities they want in a partner. But it's not the qualities you wanted in a guy/girl, it's about how you accept him/her without doubting yourself about your feelings towards him/her. Simple, eh? But it's not. It's hard to commit on someone who's not sure of his/her feelings towards you. Better be sure of your feelings so you won't regret it.

I'm still young and there's so many things to explore more than in any relationship. I can meet more friends and maybe could found true happiness. I'm not putting an end to it, but that's the life He planned for me. Time will come that I'll have my own love story to tell. But as of now, I need to have a job first before my life will be on a couch potato! :))

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