Monday, May 02, 2011

Pre and Post Grad Memories

Before Graduation

April 7, 2011, the day before our graduation (hehe! ;p) Kuya Leslie, Earl, Paul, Eman, Joan and I went to World Trade Center for the annual event of Manila International Auto Show. Both cars and models were really HOT! Someone screamed “Fire Extinguisher!” hahaha! I really just came there for cars and models, but now I keep on eyeing for the Ford Fiesta or Subaru Imprezza hahah! Gonna have those someday! ;p

We went to Sbarro, Mall of Asia for dinner. I'm so full that time that I couldn't finish my meal. Thanks to Paul, he did it for me! :))

We went to Conti's at The Fort just to have our desserts!  Haha! We strolled first and Eman bought his new football kicks cause there's no available seats at Conti's that time. It was crowded. Even the owner was with us, we have to wait for our turn.  :)

After Graduation

Mouth watering Mango Tart! :)
April 12, 2011 was the schedule of the return of the toga. So, we planned for a Tagaytay trip after school without any parents consent. Hehe! Earl didn't meet his dentist that time. His mom called the dentist for an appointment but he didn't came, he's with us! haha! Mom was texting me for she only knew that I would only return my toga at the school. Onessa's sister knew that she's at the mall and more alibis we had told. Our parents were not gonna allowed for there's this Taal Volcano alert. But we're such hard-headed! We still went there! Haha! 

We head first to Conti's at Nuvali for our merienda. But we missed the Solenad boat adventure! The trip was till 5pm only.. not cool! But we did still enjoy feeding the fishes. We didn't stayed for long, we left the place and headed to Tagaytay. We went first to Residence Inn where the zip line and a zoo was. Everyone enjoyed the place especially feeding the animals. :)
We went to Bag of Beans for our last stop over. The mushroom burger should be the last but since were carrying too much food in our stomach, we didn't. We had so much fun! And this won't be the last fun with my college friends! ;)

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