Wednesday, May 04, 2011

His Special Day

Special day? Of whom? Boyfriend? Nah... Just a good friend of mine.
Just someone who played a good role in my life. Today's his birthday. He don't wanna talk about his age but he's older than me. Hahah! I haven't extended my greetings to him yet, but not because I forgot his birthday or what. It's just that we have to end everything between us. We can stay friends, I guess. I just realized something that he will not be happy if we'll just pursue his life with me. So much drama! I'd rather blog this thought instead of sending him a greeting card. He wouldn't be happy seeing my name on his phone or on his facebook wall. 

Good thing that today is also the schedule of claiming the graduation pictures and thesis defense day of Yen, Maneh, and Vangie. So I went to school, claimed pictures, and helped my friends.

We went also to The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream Bar, Mall of Asia for lunch afterwards. I just ordered carbonara and had these two ice cream cakes! It was so yummy! It's too hard to slice though but we had fun doing it. Hahah! 

Well, at least I did forgot him even just for a while. I don't wanna tempt myself from texting or calling him. Thanks to Kuya Les, who brought us there at The Creamery. ;D We were supposed to submit our designs to Illac Diaz, but we'd rather stayed at Mall of Asia. ;p

The Creamery Resto and Ice Cream Bar
SM Mall of Asia

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