Thursday, May 05, 2011

General Cleaning

I was scheduled for an interview at Living Innovations Corp.
where I applied as an Interior Designer. So I went to their head office at Ortigas alone. This time Becky wasn't able to applied cause she wasn't submitted her resume to the company's email address. News? Hired? Hmmm.. Still hoping. Maybe it is in God's plan. I still needed to be interviewed by their Head but he wasn't around so I needed to get back there again. I will be scheduled again for that "final interview". The interview, I guess, went well. Since I got home early, I've decided to clean my room. General cleaning actually! Haha! That was a promise to myself that I must clean my room after graduation. Dad and Mom always notice my very unpleasant room! Haha! I just can't clean it before due to my overwhelmed paper works, especially tracing papers, drawing materials and old stuff. Imagine the weather while I'm cleaning, it's totally hot here! I'm planning to change my room's color. green and white will do. What you think? A room make-over? Hmm good, eh? It would be great seeing my room very pleasant. But today's general cleaning was legendary! It feels like I'd cleaned the whole house! A very toxic job! I guess this would be the last general cleaning. Haha! ;p

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