Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 3

It's raining, thank God. But not a good news at all. According to the news,
a bad weather just came.This is why we cancelled our mini pool outing. And it's been raining badly at some areas right now including ours. The climate does changed its so unusual to have a rainy weather in summer.  Wet summer, isn't it? Hope it's not too late to restore our climate in a right track. Most of us are now doing some ways to prevent climate change. One is refraining oneself from using plastics such as at the malls or supermarkets, they're now using paper bags or recycled bags instead of plastic bags. Even in architectural designs, architects are now dealing with green architecture or sustainable architecture. Hope someday I could design or plan my own sustainable or green building. It would probably help our world. Since, we haven't done this day the mini pool outing, we just enjoyed our all-day movie marathon. I think we're really addicted to movies right now. Well, I'm sure I wouldn't regret this summer cause when I became busy at work again, hope I would be hired soon, there will be no movies will be experienced for sure. ;)

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