Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Vacation Day 6

It’s our 6th day here already and yes we’re still having our thing,
watching movies. But I think our 1 week vacation will be extended. Uncle Nestor told us to stay until they’re arrived for they’re having their annual youth camp. It’s only our 6th day here but I feel like I’m gaining too much weight. Imagine our daily food trips while watching Ahaha! Anyhow, we’re still blessed to have this kind of family.

While watching, a friend messaged me thru chat. She just invited me to come to the event of the Digital Photographer Philippines on June 4, 2011. It’s their 5th anniversary, and their organizing fun activities regarding photography. I really wanna come but the problem I need to buy first DPP magazine, the entrance pass. Hope I could afford one for it’s not easy to be unemployed. Cost-cutting for graduates they say! But I’ll be employed soon! I really don’t know when but for sure God has plans for me. And I can’t afford myself from pigging out daily. That’s gluttony! Alright, this would be enough for tonight. More stories soon! ;p

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