Sunday, June 12, 2011

113th Independence Day


One of the significant and very historical events of the Philippines is the Independence Day which was proclaimed on June 12, 1898 at the Aguinaldo Shrine Kawit, Cavite. Today, everyone was gathered to celebrate its 113th year and this is President “Noynoy” Aquino’s first Independence Day speech as the president of the republic.

I haven’t actually witnessed his speech for I haven’t woke up early than 6 o’clock in the morning. But fortunately, a real-life couple Bernadette Sembrano and Vice Mayor “Orange” Aguinaldo was there and I just took advantage of taking some pictures of them. Mayor “Tik” Aguinaldo was also at one of the kiosks at the Freedom Park, I am supposed to be one of their photographers but the Mayor said that I should be with them in the picture. Haha! I was like “Sir? Me?” And the other photographers were like “Huh?” That wasn’t supposed to happen! In fact, I really hate everything about politics but since they’re already there, why not right? Oh well, just got lucky. But not that lucky for I haven’t entered Aguinaldo’s house cause I don’t have this green sticker, a pass to the house. It’s actually my main purpose of getting into that event! I’ve been living at Kawit in 16 years and yet I haven’t seen the entire house and that’s almost decades! Haha! I got no choice but to stay outside.

Mayor "Tik" Aguinaldo

Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo

Vice Mayor "Orange" Aguinaldo
with wife Bernadette Sembrano-Aguinaldo
Sweet goodies :)
Activities were set during this day one is the job fair that is open for everyone. SMART Communications, PLDT, food stalls, kiosks of handicrafts were also present. There are tourists too, group of great photographers and bikers were also there. And by the way, this was my first attendance to such historical event which made me so proud of being a Filipino. :)

SMART Communication  ladies

Cafe Amadeo offers coffee, of course :))

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