Saturday, June 04, 2011

Battery Grip for Less

Yey! Dad bought me this battery grip for my Nikon D3100. So happy! :D We got this from Watson Photo Shop at Hidalgo, Quiapo – a camera haven here in Philippines. We only got this Phottix battery grip for only 2,500php and the extra battery, original, for 2,800php. The store where we bought my camera sells the grip for 3,500php and just saved 1000php! Cool! Nikon doesn’t provide battery grips for starter-entry level cameras but Phottix provides third party camera accessories. I really had a hard time looking for this cause my camera model was just released this year. So does the model’s accessories. From now on, no worries for battery! I can shoot whenever I want to. Thanks Dad! :-*


  1. im planning to buy batt grip for my d3100 as well, thanks for the heads up regarding its price xD


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