Friday, June 03, 2011

Legen.. Wait for it... Dary.. LEGENDARY!

I'm done watching the season finale of How I Met Your Mother 6! That's legendary! Haha! It's been so long since I've watched such series especially when I entered college. Yeah, that's when the word "television" was not been updated to my dictionary. I started to watch movies and TV series again after I passed my thesis defense and eventually after college.

Why do I love thee? Not because of the horny thingy, well that's exactly the story made funny, but because it's something about life and love. Barney Stinson, portrayed by Neil Patrick Harris, is the womanizer who reminds me of someone I knew. He's not that important at all but I don't know why he always made me mad.  Yeah, for real! He's exactly like Barney Stinson and at his age of 27 he's still single. The big deal is he always does what Barney's doing, womanizing. I don't know if he's still waiting for the right time or what but he's probably not happy for that, I guess. Sometimes I thought of someday he would found someone he'll afraid to lose of and would settle down. I just remembered when his mom told me that she wanted her son to have a girlfriend and I just laughed. Haha! But that doesn't mean that I'am the right girl for him. It's a BIG NO! We have nothing in common, except for we're both "only child", but hey I don't deserve him. But soon he will find someone for him. And I would be glad if he finally found someone he could respect. That's hard to earn for someone like him. 

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