Sunday, July 03, 2011

Say Goodbye to Unemployed Life!

Bum days are over! You heard it right! I really got a job and it's been a week since
I was hired as an Interior Designer at Mac & Ford Design. The office is located at Burgundy Westbay Tower, Taft Manila. It’s not that really hard to cope up things at my first day cause I am working also with my college classmate, Earl. He actually referred me to this work and he was referred by our other classmate. We’re luckily and blessed enough to have this job. The first week was good and had good performances as well. There’s still a lot of things we need to learn from our boss. And I really need to prepare myself for it. We had site visit, site inspection, meetings with clients and so. Our clients are actually Fil-Chinese and belong to high society. How about my application at VHS Philippine Limited? That’s actually the sad part, not that sad, but it’s just that the opportunity is just used to nothing. They were trying to call me last Friday and can’t answer back their calls due to my current work. I can’t think out what to reply or answer such calls. It’s a lost then. But still blessed because of what He planned for me. Maybe it’s really my fate to be hired by my current boss. We'll just see what would may happen in my chosen career. May God bless me! :)


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