Saturday, July 30, 2011

What I really Want?

Some people find their selves happy to their current life. Contentment they say.
But I just found out that I’m not.
I’m now 21 and a quite busy person right now. I got work 5 days in a week, been attending activities in a photography club every weekend, managing an online business and just opened an event planning services as, of course, their photographer. Overload? Nah, I really enjoy doing everything but still something is missing. But I’m not saying that I wanted a partner or what. I’m not even a type of person who wanted to be in a relationship unless someone would stop me. Hehehe!  But prolly after passing the board exam, one of my greatest challenges now before relationship is to be a licensed Architect. Well, I just don’t know why I am still looking for something which I shouldn’t be. Contentment shouldn’t be recorded to my dictionary. But even I’m not yet contented I still enjoy life. Maybe I just wanted to put myself out of the box to discover more. Just as what He planned for me. Sometimes we should let things happen; anyhow it’s still my fate :)


  1. You are so right Jell!! let things come and unfold themselves.... you are doing the right thing!!

  2. Let God be your way! Goodluck! :D


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