Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Food Lovin' at Mercato Centrale

Gluttony strikes again! Haha! TeeJ and I have been to Mercato last Saturday night.
We invade The Fort just to please our guilty pleasures! Haha! Mercato Centrale is an ongoing Weekend Lifestyle Market at The Fort. The food market is located at the corner of 34th and 8th St., beside MC Home Depot—one of our suppliers for construction. The foods are very yummy and very affordable! We didn’t just enjoy the food, we enjoy the place and the people as well! Everyone is so kind and generous especially when we buy food, our seatmates manage to guard our place so no one would take it. Heheh! We really had a great time! Too bad our tummies raised white flags early. But we’ll be back to that place again for sure cause we haven’t tried all of their goodies. Haha!
Our company! Hahah! Nice to see the crowd. :))

For our appetizer, Cheesy Potato Salad! ♥
Ribeye Steak for our main course! ♥ The store lane of this is tooooo long! :))

Waiting for 15 minutes :))
B-U-R-G-E-R! BIIGG BURGER! This is just a quarter pounder. We were supposed to order the half pounder, Oh my! I think I’m gonna blow! Haha!

Our last food! This one’s really good!  I wonder how they put all the toppings inside.. Hmmm..
Too bad we missed this sausage, oh well there are too many next times! ;)
Oh great! I missed the sweet part of our trip, the desserts! No more rooms for tummies! Haha! >:/ 

Warning! If you guys are planning to go to such place, be sure your stomach bags are empty! Seriously! Hahah! Enjoy eating! ♥

Mercato Centrale
Corner of 34th and 8th St., beside MC Home Depot

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