Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm 22! ;)

A simple dinner with TeeJ on my birthday’s eve at Subi Monte Cafe is not bad after all.
This wasn’t part of my plans! Haha! We actually wanted to welcome my birthday till midnight. So we went there right after my work, but the coffee shop’s closing time is at 11pm only. We were actually the last customers that time. Hahah! 

My all-time favorite pasta! ♥
My frappe ;)

He was so full that time but still had this burger. Big tummy indeed! :))
TeeJ's frappe :)
But wait.. My celebration wasn’t over yet, it has a part 2! Oh yes, it’s our drinking session with my CHM friends! And which is the real plan! Hahah! All foods were cooked and prepared by my chef, TeeJ! Haha! He did everything including grocery. :))

My chef at our kitchen! The kitchen is still under construction. :))

From his menu, Tofu in oyster sauce with fried garlic. Others were nachos, dynamite and mojos. ♥

My 22nd birthday celebration wouldn’t be great without your help. Thank you Timothy John A. Manalansan! :D

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