Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lea's Sembreak

Sembreak—one of the best days in the life of a college student.
It’s been months since I graduated and now that I’m working, I missed everything about it. Classmates, sleepless nights, allowance—Haha!, overnights, terror professors, blah blah blah! Everything! But I still thank God for giving me this kind of life. Not that perfect but still blessed. :)

Lea, my cousin, spent her sembreak here at Cavite. She flew away from Davao just to spend her vacation with us. That was so sweet of her! But the sad part was, I didn’t gave her a tour. It so happen that I have this work which we could only bond together when I got home. Good thing there’s this looonnng weekends, which is holiday, the All Saints Day. So we’ve done some photoshoot, 3 sets—1 day per set. “Sinulit ko talaga siya! Haha!” We also went shopping cause she wanted to buy some souvenirs to her family. She already met TeeJ, she was really shy to him whenever she’s doing a pose. But the funny part was, she’s not that shy to everyone else! Hahah! Modeling is not new to her for she’s a real model. She has done workshops in modeling which didn’t cause me a problem. We had so much fun! I hope I could spend more time with her. Till next time couz! Mwah! :)

These are some shots that I got from our shoots. Enjoy viewing! :)
This shoot was held at Aguinaldo Shrine. Cavite Camera Club has this privilege and I'm one of them. :)
This was only taken at the park in our subdivision. :)
And for the last shoot, this was taken at the unfinished construction a few blocks away from my house. :))
For more pictures, you can visit and like my photofolio here Thank you! ♥ :)

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