Thursday, November 10, 2011

"Putowalk" at Tagaytay

TeeJ and I went to Tagaytay for our photowalk. But it turned out to be
“putowalk”! Haha! Why?! It’s already late and dark since we came there! You can’t even see the Taal Lake! Haha! It so happen that he went first to watch his brother’s game. The game supposed to end early. But unfortunately, it doesn’t. So, we have no choice. We just had our dinner and coffee just to enjoy the place. And I was like “Sayang naman..” Anyhow, I still enjoy his company. It’s actually our first out together. :)

We had our dinner at Dencio’s and ordered these from their menu :)

Dencio’s Krispy Sisig (Special) ! This is one of my faves! ♥
Dencio’s Inihaw na Liempo!  ♥

TeeJ got a BIIIGGG tummy! :))
Actually, we only appreciate hot coffee to cold places like Tagaytay cause we’re not really used to drink hot coffee. :))

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