Monday, December 19, 2011

Soderno, Another Food Haven

I think this is becoming a habit—eating! 

Last time, TeeJ and I went to Mercato Centrale at The Fort and tried their goodies. And this time, we went to Soderno at Alabang. It is another Weekend Lifestyle Market located beside Molito Lifestyle Center. The place is not that as big as Mercato and the food stalls are only few. But some food stalls of Mercato were also there. It was actually the last day of the food markets, it will be closed on holidays. They will resume their operations next year, 2nd week of January.

We’re lucky still for we made our tummies happy. Haha! But the sad part was we didn’t finish everything we bought from there, we took it home! Hahah! It’s because of this BIIIGGG stuffed pizza! If we only knew how big the slice was, then we shouldn’t buy 2 slices. I guess 1 slice is good for 3 persons. That’s how big the pizza was!

Did I just warn you before when going to such place? I bet my warning was meant for us. Hahah! It’s not cool to eat heavy foods, you can’t try everything there. Well not literally, at least you could eat most of their goodies. Seriously! Because this kind of food market is just once in a lifetime, that’s why we tried it while it’s still open. You should try there next year, so you’ll know the feeling and made your eating lifestyle a habit. ;)
First order, Roast Beef with Pasta :) 
See that? That was the pizza that I am talking about! And it’s like a burger, stuffed with pasta. Imagine the amount of carbohydrates we ate! Hahah!
Hershey’s Choco Cake ♥ Since it’s my fave, we bought one ;) Last time, we haven’t had our dessert at Mercato. 
Califonia Maki ♥ We took this home. The next day, we ate it and watched movie :))

Beside Molito Lifestyle Center, Alabang


  1. YEY! Good job Jell! Now I can invite you to any events!...Soderno Molito? I actually have been assigned to organize bloggers on the opening day, just that we were on our way to Baguio at that time, and till now haven't been there...tsk, tsk...

    1. Hi Ate Joy! Soderno is like Mercato lang and just a few blocks before Alabang Town Center. Sure ate, just keep me posted! Thank you! :D


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