Thursday, January 05, 2012

2012, Year of the Rawr!

Thank you 2011! Hello 2012!

Year 2011 has been so memorable to me. It’s when I passed my thesis defense, graduated on time, having a job, started my photography career and even my heartbroken story has been told. My love story hasn’t been written for sure. Haha! But seriously it’s the best year for me! Why do say I so? It’s simple, I'm happy.  I maybe left heartbroken but someone just show me the real happiness is all about. You probably are wondering who the person is. Everything he did was just blessings for me and I am very thankful for having him. I really don’t know how I would pay for all of his efforts that he shouldn’t done for such person like me or should I say that I am not worth of his efforts at all. No one does it before, except him. And hey, we're only just friends. No special meaning at all. Hahah! Anyway, thank you! :)

For this year 2012, I really don’t want to hope for something but as long as I can bare every challenge that I may encounter, I’m good to face everything! One thing for sure is this Architectural Board Exam! Hahah! I still don’t know when to take the board but if God permits me, it’ll happen. So cheers to this another year of blessings! 

Oh! By the way, these are our humble foods that we shared during the New Year ’s Eve. Indulge! :D 

Fruits will always be present to our table! ♥

Round-shaped fruits for good luck haha! ♥

BBQ, shanghai and more! ♥

Pancit bihon ♥

Ham in cold cuts ♥
Welcoming 2012 will not be great without drinking sessions with CHM friends and of course alcohols and foods. Hahah!

Pica-pica ♥

Lechon for long life! :))

This one welcomed us! Cheers! :D

There goes the others! Haha! Oh my! :))

And to you dear dragon, I RAWR YOU! ♥
Happy New Year everyone! Cheers! Godbless us all! :D

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