Monday, January 09, 2012

A Cake For Our Little Angel

Hangover, stomach ache and lack of sleep are what I got from our New Year’s
Eve party! But it’s not yet over! Cause the next day I went to Ate Ann’s place to celebrate her youngest daughter’s birthday, Brianna. So no alcohol this time! Hahah! The child’s birthday supposed to celebrate on January 2, but since it’s Monday and have work, we made it advance. This mini get-together was like a reunion after all since we haven’t held a reunion last year’s Christmas. Still, we had fun though I got home first due to my work. Well, at least I gave my time to one of my cutest nieces and godchildren. Happy 2nd Birthday Brianna Faith Ramos-Naquila! Tita Ninang loves you so much! Godbless! ♥

Look! She's so adorable! And it runs in the blood. Haha! :P
Brianna's homemade cake. Her Mommy Ann and Mamu (Granma) Nunah made it! ;)

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