Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice Cream Date

My college friends, Lui and Redj, and I had our first date for 2012.
We went to SM Mall of Asia. We dine and had a loonnnggg chat at Icebergs. Long chat, eh? It’s like we didn’t see each other for the longest time but we really chat a lot! Hahah! We also watched the movie, Sherlock Holmes 2 and like the first, it was great! And, of course, we had a few drinks at Padi’s Point. The actual plan was actually skating, but again, it was postponed! I think this skating shouldn’t be on the list. Hahaha! But hopefully we could pursue this activity on our next date and it would be great if we’re with our other college friends. That would be fun! The last time I bumped with them was just last year’s Architecture Alumni party. This should be a habit for some of us will be working abroad. So, hopefully the next coming free time they would join us. ;)

Sorry for the low-res shots for I just used my phone. ;)
Icebergs' Mango Tango Split for dessert ♥ Oohh I so love mango! ;)
SM Mall of Asia 's EYE Ferris Wheel, a new attraction.
SM Mall of Asia's Eye?? I haven't heard of this, even I am working within the vicinity of the mall. Haha! That's why when I first saw this, I was like, "Whoah!" No wonder why this area is always crowded for they put a new attraction on the Seaside part of the Mall. Cool! :)


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