Monday, January 16, 2012

Manila Kingpin Movie

Sunday morning, just woke up, TeeJ texted and invited me to watch a movie, Manila Kingpin:
The Untold Story of Asiong Salonga. The movie’s not my type of genre at all, but guess what, I enjoyed it. I really don’t know why but I didn’t find it boring and non-sense. The movie was actually one of the entries for Metro Manila Film Festival and bagged the most number of awards during the awards night, one is the Best Cinematography award. No wonder why I liked the movie including their aliases or the screen names of the characters which I really fond of, especially the name of “Totoy Golem”! Hahah! Better watch this, so you would be the judge why it got much awards. We should really be fond of our own film. It’s one way of helping the Philippine film industry. Oh by the way, my college thesis was about Philippine Entertainment Film and Performing Arts Industry which one reason why I proposed such project is to uplift our film industry, our own arts without imitating International films. We may not be in the same level as Hollywood but as long as we enjoy and love our own, it’s well enough to be proud of. Thesis defense?! Hahah! No really but it would be more enjoyable when you’re with your family and friends. Thumbs up to the makers of Manila Kingpin! Job well done! 

And to TeeJ, thanks for this. It’s just so unexpected. Thanks “Totoy Golem”! :))


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