Monday, February 13, 2012

Who Loves Burger??

It’s been a while since TeeJ and I had our last food trip.
Since Click&Shoot have been successful to its first event for 2012, we gave ourselves a treat. So, we tried the greasiest burgers of Zark’s Burgers. It is located at 2464 Archer's nook, Malate, in front of La Salle Taft, same building where Yellow Cab is. 

As everyone’s said who tried there, it is really yummy! I like how they cook the patties, grilled and less oil. But the fact that the burger is big, calories is still present! No to diet again! Hahah! This was actually introduced by my cousin, Ate Ann. She was the one who invited us to take Zark’s challenge, the Jawbreaker Day Challenge! You have to finish the Jawbreaker in less than 5 minutes or else, you’ll pay for it. But we went yesterday, the day after the day of the challenge. We’re not into the challenge cause we know we can’t finished them off in 5 minutes. We just wanted to try it. But even we didn’t took the challenge, we still ordered their legendary Jawbreaker. :) 

TeeJ's Jawbreaker! This is not actually their biggest burger!
My Zark's Ultimate Burger
Food challenges are being offered most of these days and one is Zark’s burger. Well, if you’ll going to visit Zark’s facebook, you’ll see photos of their event and one is their longest line that took 3 hours of waiting. That’s how famous their burger is! Cavite City has also this kind of burger and has a challenge too. It is the Ozzy Cozzy, located behind San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite, College building. It’s much nearer than Zark’s and would take only 30 minutes of ride from our home. But they usually closed earlier than 7pm for they run out of patties so fast. Hahah! 

Well, that's all for now.. Til next post! ;)

Zark's Burger
LaSalle, Taft. On top of Yellow Cab.


  1. Replies
    1. Kay TeeJ mo sabihin yan.. Wag sakin. Hahah! :D

  2. ohh i love burgers too..
    biggest burger i ate was in boracay at Nigi-nigi too resort.
    they got the biggest burger on the island..

    and that photo of yours made me HUNGRY! :)

    1. So do I! Burger is really ♥! :D
      Sorry for making you hungry.. Hihi! Take care! :D


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