Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Busy Month It Is Part 2

This part 2 of my busy month would not be that long. Just a short post to share with you. Nuff said, let's get going. ;)

So right after our photo and video coverage of Bim-Bim's birthday, we had the pre-nuptial shoot the next day. Hahah! We haven't got enough rest from the birthday party but it has been scheduled, so we have no choice. XD Nikko and Nicole, our first wedding couple clients, hired us to be their photographers and videographer. Nikko was actually our friend, so he entrusted us this event. Our first pre-nuptial shoot was held at Cavite City for the semi- formal theme and at the Intramuros, Manila for the so-called swagger theme. Hihi!

Take a look of some of my shots.

And guess what? I got tanned after our shoot at Cavite City! Wew! We had our shoot in the middle of the sun! Great! But thank God, everything went well. We'll just have to wait for their big day, the Wedding day. It would be very exhausting! Swear! Hahah! But it'll be fun. ;)

For their wedding day? We'll post another soon. Thank you! ♥

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  1. wow. it must be tough taking pictures under the scorching sun and all! but in the end, you get to produce wonderful pictures. Keep itup sis! ;)


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