Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Busy Month It Is Part 4

Oh yes! The last part!

From the previous post, I have mentioned the mini birthday shoot of Keizen. That shoot was actually done in the morning. So, right after Keizen's shoot, afternoon, Ate Ann and I went to Manila to have a model shoot with Gianne, my classmate's friend.
Yep! Another shoot for that day! Hahah! Now tell me, am I that too busy?? Hahaha! The shoot was held at the Paco Park, Manila. I love the place! Some photographers done their shoots  there too. Well, if you haven't visited yet, you should now! ;)

Take a glimpse of some of my shots.

Want to hire her as model? Just contact me for details! ;)

Thanks to my cousin, Ate Ann for lending her hand with me during the shoot. It was a big help! Really. ♥
Finally! Done with these blog series! Hahah! Till next post!


Want to hire a freelance photographer? Contact me and let's do business! ;)
Just like my page at Facebook for details ;)

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