Thursday, June 07, 2012

Less Is More

A fashion blogpost? Oh yes! This is my first ever fashion blogpost! Haha! And it's my first time to wore such clothes. I'm such a late bloomer! Haha!
I was actually encouraged by my high school classmate-friend and my model, Lian, to pursue such thing like fashion blog. Just realized that fashion is for everyone. ;) So for my first post is just a simple look. This is what I wore to the Bloggers United 3 last June 2, 2012. Not that fab but being simple defines me. :)

Sheer chinese collar top from  Alexandre; Thrifted shorts

Wedge shoes from Matthews

This will be for now. Till next post!

Tata! ♥

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  1. welcome to fashion blogging :) LESS is sometimes more.. so great outfit :)

  2. welcome to the world of fashion blogging dear! ;)
    post more looks! hehehe.. can't wait for your next look! ;)

    keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you so much Ms. Rhea especially for your tips! ;) Have a good day! :D


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