Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Shang Turns 1

May 2, 2012—It’s been a year since our company, Shang Build & Design Inc., was founded. So, we celebrated it humbly. Humbly, like it has two celebrations. Yes! Two celebrations! Haha! The first part was actually just a small gathering with officemates,
friends and relatives which was held at the office. And the second part was a company outing at Boracay! We’re too humble, eh? Haha! Our company is just a small-time one. But since God always give us blessings, why not celebrate it twice? It’s like a thanksgiving after all. 

Our stay at Boracay was not that expensive. Why? Because aside from the fact that our company Boss’ province is at Iloilo, his auntie has an apartment and his brother-in-law has a condotel at Boracay. So, it’s a free food and lounging vacation! For real! It’s a company outing, so it must be free! Haha! So we only spent few bucks in some random stuff like souvenirs or snacks. Hihi! 

"Boracay please, not Bora!" ;)

Happy hour :))

Fire Dancing. No tripod! Hihi!

Sizzling Gambas + Frozen Iced Tea

Lechon Kawali ♥
May God shower us more years! More projects to come. Haha! Thank you Lord for everything! ♥

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