Wednesday, August 08, 2012

So Many Postponed Dates!

Finally! After so many postponed dates, it was materialized!

My date ♥

So many dates have been cancelled since the two of us were damn busy. Oh, by the way, she's Karen. A real good friend of mine, one of the closest. We were not actually classmates in high school. When I transferred from the school, she came. We were just introduced by our classmates. But the funny part was we became the most closed. Haha! We hang out the most since college and until now. So, this date was really our moment! Hahah!

We date at Robinsons Place Manila. We've done a little shopping then we dine at Maru. We chat much for we missed each other so much! Hahah!

Today is her birthday! ♥ One of the reason why I posted this today. ;)
Happy birthday Pare! ♥
What's cooking?
Maru's yummy foods ♥

Hmm, just a short post. Well, anyway, I'll post longer soon. I hope. Haha!

Till here!

Tata! ♥

Maru Korean Restaurant
Robinsons Place Manila
Ermita, Manila


  1. I love the food at Maru. A little bit too expensive but worth it if you know what to order. :)

  2. never tried maru before but looks like a worth it place to try.

  3. I've tried a lot of korean restaurants around but i havent tried maru.. Maybe i should go give it a try too.. lol

    1. You should give it a shot! It's one of my fave restaurants ;)

  4. Belated to your friend! Pretty ♥ The food looks delicious though I haven't tried it pa :) by the way followed you thru GFC! Let's follow each other! :)

    1. You must try it na ;) Followed you too! :D Thank you for following! ♥


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