Saturday, January 05, 2013

#BU4 Plus Noel Bazaar

Bloggers United 4 was held at World Trade Center last December 15 & 16, 2012. I was with my cousin, Ate Ann, and together with his husband and their kiddos.
I was supposed to attend the bloggers' event but unfortunately I didn't. It happens when another bazaar was also went on, the Noel Bazaar. I was really tempted with their goodies where in fact I almost forgotten the bloggers' event. Haha! Shopping is sooo love! So my cousin took a  picture of me so I could at least tell myself that I went to this event. Hihi! ♥

with niece, Thea :)


  1. Hi Jell! Wish ko lang may nagiinform din sakin about blog event like this hindi pa kasi ako naka-attend ng ganito mula nagstart ako sa blogging. By the way, are you open for link exchange?

    1. Hi! You may start joining groups or like the page of Bloggers United so you'll be informed :)
      Yes I am open for link exchange :)


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