Monday, May 06, 2013

Dinner at Tagaytay

If you ever been to Tagaytay, you've probably tasted the "Special Bulalo" of the town!  "Special Bulalo" is a very delicious soup that you could enjoy in a cold place such as Tagaytay. One restaurant that we've dine thru was at Viewsite Restaurant. We were actually don't have any idea where to dine since most of them serve great foods. Hehehe!

This trip was actually unplanned! Hahah! Right from Kawit, we headed to Tagaytay just to have our dinner. Sadly, I forgot to bring my camera so I just used my phone. But oh well, we just love to eat! Hihi! ♥

I just don't know what to write here when all I can think about is "Food!" Hihih! ♥

So, here are just a few shots from my phone. :)

Viewsite Restaurant Menu ♥

Til here! Tata! ♥

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