Sunday, June 09, 2013

Trust Me, I'm an Architect

Hue&Shape collaborates Threshold Clothing & Tattoo! 

Threshold Clothing & Tattoo does freelance tattoo services, and customized shirts and shoes. It was founded last May 2013. They really produces nice quality designs! ;)

Hue&Shape's new product, "Trust Me, I'm an Architect" shirt was originally got from a facebook page, "Trust Me, I'm an Architect". It is one of the pages that a professional would follow where all of the memes of their profession is being posted. This is one of the reasons why Hue&Shape came up with the idea, well aside from being an Architecture graduate. Hihi! and with the help of Threshold Clothing & Tattoo, the idea was materialized! :D

Shirts printed by Threshold Clothing & Tattoo

Spotted! ♥

Spotted! ♥

The statement can be altered too! "Architect" can be changed to other professions like "Interior Designer", "Nurse" and the like. Just give Hue&Shape a hit for your orders ;)

Don't forget to visit Hue&Shape and Threshold Clothing & Tattoo!
Enjoy shopping! ♥

Tata! ♥


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