Friday, October 11, 2013

Twen-Teen :))

Another year was just added to my life! :)
I just turned 24 last September 29. And yes, I'm already 24! -.- I have to admit it. Haha! I already accepted the fact that having this age wasn't bad after all. Besides it's a blessing! ;)
The celebration went simple. I really don't have any plans to celebrate my day but hey, it took 4 days. Haha! Yeah but those days weren't that big celebrations, just to be with my love ones were already big enough.

On the first day, we welcomed it and had our food trip at the Bayside of SM Mall of Asia. On the second, my day, Mom cooked pasta and shared it to everyone. Then at the office on the third, which it's not possible not to celebrate, we had a simple pizza snack brought from S&R. And lastly, the unexpected day, one of my suppliers in construction sponsored Amber's pasta and pichi-pichi. Simple, huh? Hehe! I never thought of celebrating such but I am very thankful for all the blessings. Thank You Lord! ♥
Greetings and Gift Certificate from Zalora ♥

At Bay Side, SM Mall of Asia ♥

Cooked by Mom ♥

Amber's ♥

Amber's ♥
Oh by the way, I might open a blog giveaway as my Thank You Gift for all the blessings I've got.
So watch out for it! ;)
Till here!
Tata ♥

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