Friday, May 23, 2014

Fambam at Burot Beach ♥

It's been long enough since my family had enjoyed the heat.
I think the last time was November 2011? Haha! So, our generation decided to have another get together family outing. And that is to experience the Burot Beach at Calatagan, Batangas.

Burot Beach is a remote paradise under the development of the Sy family. At first I never thought that they would have such another resort property. The only developed resort I knew was Pico de Loro. Well, I guess they really got it all for everyone hehe! And this made me fortunate of having a company ID. Yep! A discount! Haha! :)
View from the beach (right)

View from the beach (left)
So clear ♥
Our experience in this beach resort was really an adventure! Since the beach is still under the development, you have to be a survivor! Don't expect too much, especially if it is an overnight stay. Before going there, you and your group must consider that there's no hotel-like accommodations in the area for it is a good venue for a camping site.

Cousins ♥

Cousins and nieces ♥

From the other side of the resort. The sea is so blueee! ♥

Kuya is about to jump. Haha!
Yours truly hihi! ♥ :))

How to go to the beach?

Since we're residing at Cavite, we headed straight to Tagaytay. If you're coming from Manila, you may  take the Coastal Road and Aguinaldo Highway for you to reach Tagaytay. From Tagaytay rotanda, turn right then drive straight ahead until you reach Calatagan Road. Turn right to the street of Sto. Domingo Church and you'll pass by a public market near the church. Turn left to Apacible Street then turn right on the 2nd Street.  Turn left on the first street then drive straight ahead until you reach a gate. There's a small store few steps before the gate. It has a warning sign saying that its a private property. Just enter the gate then straight ahead until you reach the resort. 

The narrow road going to the resort

Resort rates

Day tour - Php 65.00
Overnight - Php 130.00
Parking - Free

Few tips and reminders from Jell :)
  • Bring everything that is needed in a camping site whether it's an overnight stay or not! Tent, rechargeable flashlights and lamps, mosquito repellants, powerbanks, etc. EVERYTHING!
  • There's no electricty available in the area, so bring your powerbanks along with you. For your cameras, it's better if you have an extra battery for spare. There's a charging station available in the area, Php 60.00 per charge. I guess they're using a car battery that serves as their electrical source, but it's up to you if you want to risk your phones.
  • Wear an aqua shoes and rash guards. There are too many jellyfishes and sea urchins in the beach. Jellyfishes are not that harmful, but please bring extra careful to those if you don't want to wear such. 
  • There are few restrooms but please don't expect from it.
  • At night, you may set a bonfire and a torch. There's a store where they sell torches and some wood scraps for bonfire use.
  • Bring your own foods and drinks. If you want your food fresh, you may buy at the public market near the resort. If you need ice blocks or cubes, there are some ice plants along Calatagan road near the resort.
  • Schedule your stay in ordinary season and weekdays only. There are too many people who stay for a night during peak season especially this summer. A bunch of tents will make the area crowded.  
  • If you'll be using a private vehicle, please have extra careful on driving to the resort. The road is too narrow that your car might fall off the ground. And it's not nice to drive on it during rainy days. I guess my Uncle is a good driver at all hihi! :))

The development of this paradise will be started soon! And prolly, it will be a better paradise than Pico de Loro. SM group will surely make it happen! :) I hope I could be part of the design group hihi! :))

Hope these few tips and reminders would help. Enjoy! :)

Tata ♥

Ar. Jellyn Robante, uap

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