Monday, October 06, 2014

Another Green Home is on the Rise

I’m glad to share you another blooming project that will soon house a community of people who takes living seriously and with a matter of taste and utmost respect to nature.
If you think Makati and Ortigas are congested already, how about considering the quaint yet historic city of Las Piñas? It is the home of LEED Inc.’s first project, Paseo Verde in Real and construction remains on track as it goes full-swing to complete the first tower of the 1.1-hectare mid-rise condominium project.

Targeted date of completion of the first tower is at the end of 2015, with turnover of units happening as early as the fourth quarter of 2015. Paseo Verde is expected to be a much-awaited landmark in Las Piñas, it will be the first, fully-integrated green community to rise in the area. It is located along Real St., Pulang Lupa Uno in Las Piñas City.

The people behind the project - Paseo Verde, sees to it that they set a green standard of living for its owners through its efficient, eco-friendly features. They have added amenities that focus on green architecture and puts emphasis to the company’s three environment focus: Climate change, the Clean Air Act, and the safety and health of its residents.

It’s green-living at it’s finest. Aside from the energy-saving amenities, and unique structural layouts, Paseo Verde at Real’s green features will also change the way we look at green living.

Here are the many things you will love about it’s environment-friendly features, and they are as follows:

A. Energy-efficient street lights 
The streetlights will nott make use of any electricity at all, and will get its energy from solar panels.

B. Rain catchment facility
This allows the whole development to make use of recycled rain water for grounds upkeep. Water from rain is used to clean the surrounding, and water the green patches at the lifestyle facilities. This will be placed in dead spaces of the development such as the ground underneath the driveway. This is a first in the country and no other developer has implemented this green feature before.

C. Rain Garden
The project will also have a beautiful ‘rain garden’ located near the building’s downspouts – this serves as a natural water filter which means less water waste is thrown out of the drainage system, and in turn, lessening the chances of floods in surrounding areas during storm. 

D. Using Recycled construction materials
Expect also the extensive use of recycled construction materials – strong recycled wood are utilized as door frames and door jams in various parts of the towers. Not only is this step environment-friendly, it also gives a refreshing and unique look to the whole development.

E. Quality Indoor Air through pocket gardens
The layout of all three towers also ensure that indoor air quality is at its best: Pocket gardens that open to large air pockets in the middle of every residential floor ensure that fresh air circulate freely around the building. This removes the stifling feeling often associated with most condo developments.

F. Biking Facilities
For the sporty you, one of the most unique feature of Paseo Verde at Real are their bike facilities that will be available for the residents once it’s completed. Aside from bike lanes, there will be permanent bike racks where lovers of the activity can park their equipment safely.

The bike facilities, interestingly, are the biggest come-on of buyers. This is because the activity encourages residents to lead a healthier lifestyle by biking.

The location is also considered very convenient. Paseo Verde is very near the C5 Extension and the proposed LRT Extension – all set to be finished alongside the construction of the mid-rise development.

Model units now ready for viewing

If you think these are far from the reality, you can now check the model units, which invoke nature to show future residents that LEED Inc’s vision of a green home also translate indoors. It makes use of natural materials such as wooden accents and flooring. Walls are also painted with light colors to maximize natural illumination coming in from every unit’s large windows. Wooden mobile cabinets also adorn these spaces, and the design is consistent to that of a charming and homey cabin.

Available model units include: 26.1sqm and 29.5sqm studio units; 38.25 one-bedroom; 51.13 two-bedroom, and a 66.55 three-bedroom, all depict an eco-friendly way of life for its future residents. 

The model units also give ideas on how to efficiently use space in condo living. The studio unit for example, makes use of a cabinet as both storage for the ref, and extra storage area for other things. This same cabinet is used as mount for the tv, while a half round table set against a wall serves both a compact dining area, or instant bar during small gatherings. 

Friendly payment terms
Buying is not cumbersome if you are interested. Every month, special payment terms are being offered to those who will avail of the early selling of Paseo Verde. Aside from freebies, it is also possible to avail of a unit without a reservation fee. LEED Inc., has partnered with major banks to help future residents find a comfortable payment scheme.

Currently, urbanites from the South and OFWs see Paseo Verde as the investment that they have been waiting for. 

Check out the Paseo Verde model units by visiting the site today. Paseo Verde at Real is accredited by the Building for Ecologically Responsive Design Excellence (BERDE) and a member of the Philippine Green Building Council for its steps towards promoting a sustainable community. The first tower turnover is scheduled in October, 2015. For more information, please call 854-1652.

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