Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Architect Goes Thailand

“To travel around the world.” – I said after graduation and board exam as one of my greatest dreams.

I always wanted to go places I have never been to, for I have never had a chance when I’m still young and studying.

I started to travel local first since budget was really my excuse. Hihi! Some of my trips are almost with family and relatives that at least once a year we could have a family bonding. Some were company’s team building activities or simply company’s anniversary. Some were a simple get together outing with friends and/or classmates. And some were just a project site visit. But this trip is the most unforgettable is that when I went to Thailand - my first Asian tour.
Last December 2014, my cousin Ate Cathy invited me to have an out of the country trip. I was really excited that time, but again, budget was still an issue. Haha! Still, I wanted to push it through. So, we book a flight, and invited our Auntie Tess and our cousin Ate Ann, too. Haha! Having a Auntie who loves us so much is really a privilege for she almost gave her share half of our expenses. Haha! Plus a client just signed a design project contract. So blessed! :D A very blessed advance birthday gift to me indeed! :D

So, here are some of my shots during our trip. Enjoy viewing! ;)

Day 1 : Arrival at Thailand Airport.

Checked-in here :)

Hotel Icon's cafe

Our room :)

Hotel chandies are really nice :)

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