Thursday, May 18, 2017

The First Royal Birthday - Part 2 : To The Happiest Place On Earth

Prince Jaerell's 1st birthday part 1 has been a success!
And for the part 2? We brought him to Hong Kong Disneyland! :D

It was actually our first Family Asian tour. Which is why we didn't want to pursue the children's party since we have different plan for his birthday. But Thank God! He allow us to make his birthday super special! :)

Here are the few photos during our trip :
Our passport :)

At Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong Disneyland's Train :)

Hong Kong Disneyland's Main Entrance

First stop at Hong Kong Disneyland. Haha! It was a long line though but our trip will never be completed without having a photo opp with Prince's favorite friends :)

Mickey Mouse in his Chinese New Year outfit :)

And Minnie Mouse in her Chinese New Year outfit :)

Flights of Fantasy Parade :)

With Ate Thea and Ate Brianna. We rented stroller for Prince. :)

Ironmen haha!

Disney Paint The Night Parade

It's a Small World :)
Surfing Mickey Mouse Fountain
We also had our City tour on our 2nd and 3rd day :)

At Snoopy's World
Prince first slide at Snoopy's World
Prince :)
Ferry Ride with Family
At The Peak Tram
He also want to view the whole city hihi! :)
Malling haha!
At Victoria Harbour

At Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery
Hope we could bring Prince around the world hihi! But as promised, we will do anything for your happiness Baby. Happy Birthday Prince Jaerell! Mommy and Daddy love you so much!

Till here.. 

Arch. Jell 

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